Accessibility Statement

As the Cransley is a private house conversion (built in 1911) and not a purpose built hotel, our rooms are not as sound proof as we would prefer. Because of this, we are unable to accept children under 16 years of age or guest’s pets, with the exception of dogs for the visually and hearing impaired.

  • Off road, tar macadam level car parking for six cars, operating on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Free parking also available in Knyveton Road, approximately 15 metres from the front of the building.
  • 1 x 4” (10cm) step to main entrance door.
  • Front door 38” wide (97cm). Kept locked for security. Guest’s have 24hr access via key provided at check-in.
  • Small internal entrance lobby and narrow corridor to 2 x ground floor bedrooms and unisex ground floor lavatory.
  • Corridor to ground floor bedrooms angles sharply to the right and accessible once the front door (automatic closer) is shut.
  • At its narrowest point, the corridor to the ground floor bedrooms measures 30” (76cm) and 57” (145cm) at its widest.
  • NOTE: Guests with wheelchairs will require assistance to negotiate this corridor, due to the angle and the necessity to close the front door before being able to access ground floor bedrooms. Assistance will be offered (not 24hrs).
  • Front entrance, unisex lavatory and bedrooms 1 and 2 are located in 1980’s built, flat roof extension/annex.
  • Unisex lavatory does not have grab rails and is too small to accommodate wheelchair users.
  • Access to rear garden (hard surface and lawn) is available from this corridor via a sliding patio door opening to a width of 34” (86cm). A metal lip 1.5” (4cm) high on the thresh-hold incorporates the sliding mechanism.
  • The main house and hallway is accessed via a step, 5” (13cm) in height, through a half glazed internal door, width 33” (84cm). This step is permanently lit by a contrasting red strip light, highlighting the hazard.
  • Entrance to Reception, Resident’s sitting room, Breakfast room and Staircase 1, is from this main Hallway.
  • Reception has seating, a counter at two levels and is carpeted.
  • All doorways from the main Hall to the public rooms are 30” (76cm) wide and are left open during office hours (9.30am – 9.30pm).
  • An emergency, out-of-hours service bell is located at waist height on the Hall side of the Reception door.
  • RESIDENT’S SITTING ROOM: Hard floor with central carpet/rug. 2 x sofas, 2 x low armchairs, 1 x high-backed chair. Wide screen television with teletext. Access to rear garden via French doors (this garden access is unsuitable for wheelchair users).
  • BREAKFAST ROOM: Dining chairs can be moved for wheelchair users. Specific tables with easier access may be reserved the less mobile. Large print menus available on request. Although we do not provide menus in Braille, we will read menus to the visually impaired.
  • All rooms are accessed via self closing fire doors measuring 30” x 70” (76cm x 178cm) unless otherwise stated.
  • Staircases and landings are well lit and have emergency lighting.
  • Full fire alarm system.
  • We have no lift or stair lift.
  • Solid wood banister rail on staircase 1 (left hand).
  • Solid wood grab rail on staircase 2 (left hand).
  • All bedrooms are carpeted.
  • All decor is good colour-contrasting.
  • Descriptions of all our rooms with photographs may be viewed on our website at
  • Medicines can be refrigerated. If 24 hour access to chilled medication is required, a small, portable refrigerator is available on request. Please note however that we only have the one portable appliance, which should be reserved prior to your visit.
  • All bedrooms have door hanging notices for the hearing impaired, in case of fire. These notices request assistance should a guest be unable to hear the fire alarm.
  • BEDROOM 1: (Ground Floor). King size double bed (5’). All sockets at waist level. Access to bed from both sides, but would be difficult to negotiate without able bodied assistance. En suite shower room with grab rail right of lavatory and grab rail in shower. Shower seat provided. Step 4” (10cm) onto raised shower tray. Shower room is too small to accommodate a wheelchair. Assistance would be required.
  • BEDROOM 2: (Ground Floor). 2 x 3’ twin beds. One bed has access from one side only. Waist level and ground level power sockets. En suite shower room with grab rail left of lavatory and grab rail in shower. Shower seat provided. Step 4” (10cm) onto raised shower tray. Shower room is too small to accommodate a wheelchair. Assistance would be required.
  • BEDROOMS 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 are located off the first floor landing, via staircase 1.
  • BEDROOMS 8, 9, 10 & 11 are located off the second floor landing, via staircase 2.
  • STAIRCASE 1: Consisting of 12 steps, 6” deep x 37” wide (15cm x 94cm) to a small landing. 3 x steps to left, of the same dimensions to another small landing and another 3 x steps to the left 6” x 47” (15cm x 119cm).
  • STAIRCASE 2: WARNING: Staircase 2 is extremely steep and narrow with two twists to the right. Originally this staircase gave access to the servant’s quarters (attic bedrooms) now guest bedrooms. 16 x steps 6” deep x 27” wide (15cm x 68cm) incorporating two sharp right angles.

This accessibility statement will be modified and updated as and when changes are made to the content and fabric of the business.

Updated January 2009

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